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Main Functions and Benefits The varnished finish is a wood protector that enhances the tone, giving shine and a smoother feel to the product.
Produced in solid wood from legally managed forests.
Light and practical, with a larger area of ??use, has great mobility in the installation, making the best use of space.
They are easy to store, fit anywhere.
They combine resistance at a low cost.
Adaptable to any kind of environment: in gardens, pools and balconies as well as in hotels, bars and restaurants, revealing practicality and good taste.
They value the environment for style and invite leisure for practicality.
They are distinguished by the elegance of their shapes and the quality of the materials, making each place a classy environment.
They stand out for the great value for money.
Recommendations for Use Clean with a soft sponge and neutral soap.
Finish with furniture polish
Do not use acetone, alcohol or any other solvent or abrasive based products.
CLEANING: Care should be taken with all products in terms of dirt. This build up of dirt enters the wood\’s pores, causing the wood to darken. For this reason the furniture should always be kept clean. A neutral detergent is recommended for washing, using a soft sponge and good amount of water.
TIGHTENING SCREWS: Even with rarely use pieces, all the screws should be tightened regularly. However, the screws should not be tightened excessively.
Weight 3,20 kg
Length 441 mm
Width 557 mm
Height 781 mm
Warranty 1 year (90 days legal warranty plus 9 months contractual warranty)


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Beer Foldable Chair in Teak

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