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\"\"“Tramontina’s  Stainless Steel Jumbo Steak Knives are ideal for creating a steakhouse ambiance when entertaining guests or having dinner or lunch  with the family, providing an amazing dinning experience.  The exclusive design has a high-gloss finish and unique relief engravings on the handles. For even more comfortable handling, the knives have a harmonious balance between blade and handle, which has been designed to fit perfectly in the hand.”

This is an extraordinary set of 4 pieces  being 2 Jumbo knives and  2 Jumbo Forks  have  an amazing design and ergonomic  touch that enriches your dinning experience. The engraving of Southern Brazilian theme of the Gauchos from the Pampas make it a designer and exclusive piece that will impress your family and guests.  The set comes in a leather case that will store properly your cutlery and a great gift idea.

The pieces are made of stainless steel, which ensures they last a much longer time. The set includes forks with polished and adequately shaped tines and rounded edges for more comfortable use. The knives have tempered blades, which ensures a longer-lasting serrated edge and greater resistance to rust. Due to these features, they don\’t scratch the dishes.

4 pcs Set 2 Stainless Steel Jumbo 5 inches Knives and 2 Jumbo Forks

333.60 AED inc. VAT