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This Lyon Line is Made in Brazil in one of our 10 factories with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality products.

“The Pan 360 is the most versatile you\’ve seen, for baking, roasting and searing. Works like an oven, you can prepare what you imagine in the mouth of the stove. The set comes with an impressive cake pudding pan, a cooker with grill lid , 2 loaf pans and 1 stainless steel grill ”


“Indulge in the elegant craftsmanship and design of high-performance cookware. Functionality and aesthetics combine to help foster your creativity on the stove top and oven. Made with a beautiful finish and vibrant colors, it will bring a modern look and distinctive design to your kitchen, as well as more joy in preparing your recipes. Inside the pot, vapors condense and create an environment for your food to baste in its natural juices, preserving nutrients and maintaining rich flavors”

The thick lid and sidewalls of 8 mm is a guarantee of long life that also creates a perfect environment for sealing in flavor. With durable four-layer non-stick and an airtight seal, less oil is required for cooking–making this ideal for preparing healthy meals.

Tramontina Lyon’s forged aluminium line has is specially designed with T technology to offer better non-stick properties, greater scratch resistance, increased durability and easier cleaning that has been tested for over 80,000 washing cycles. It has exterior silicone coating and a stainless-steel knob, which bring exclusive details to the line. It is an essential choice for those who seek stylish pans for their kitchens. The energy-efficient design reduces cooking time and helps keep the kitchen cooler all while producing delicious and flavorful meals This line is compatible with all cook-tops, including induction, and is dishwasher and oven safe up to 550°F / 287°C.

Tramontina Lyon 360 6 pcs Set – Lid and Body 8 mm Forged Aluminium

1,682.00 AED inc. VAT