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Product Details:
Tramontina Una 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set – Elevate your culinary journey with this comprehensive and high-quality set.
Premium Stainless Steel Construction – Ensures durability and a captivating mirror finish for an elegant touch in your kitchen.
Tri-Ply Base Technology – Achieve even heat distribution for faster cooking, energy efficiency, and prolonged food warmth.
Tight-Fitting Glass Lids – Lock in flavors and moisture, enhancing the taste and texture of your culinary creations.
Dishwasher Safe – Easy cleaning and maintenance for added convenience in your daily cooking routine.

Set Includes:
20cm Casserole with Lid
24cm Casserole with Lid
24cm Frying Pan
16cm Saucepan with Lid

Care Instructions:
The maximum capacity for cooking is 3/4 of the total volume of the item.
Before using the product remove any labels and wash it with hot water and detergent.
Use on a low heat so that the food does not stick to the bottom of the pan, the triple body of the pan, made of stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel, distributes heat uniformly, so that a high heat is unnecessary. Additionally, it is more economical on fuel.
When the pan is used on a gas stove, the flame must not rise above the base of the pan. If using an electric plate, it must have an equal or smaller diameter than the one in the pan.
Always dissolve salt in boiling water or in the food, mixing the ingredients when cooking begins.
Do not heat food by placing a pan of the same diameter on top of another. This procedure is dangerous as it creates a vacuum and makes it difficult to remove afterward.
If the lid of the Tramontina Stainless-Steel pan sticks due to the vacuum effect during cooling, it suffices to push it upwards or reheat the pan again so as to neutralize the vacuum effect.
The Stainless-Steel handles acquire heat during cooking. We advise the use of gloves when handling them.
Some foods containing starch such as pasta and rice, may stain the internal part of the pan while cooking.
Avoid leaving food in the pan for a long time; salt may also stain the pan.
In order for the Tramontina Stainless-Steel pan to always be attractive and shiny, we recommend it is only washed with detergent and a soft sponge.
Whenever possible, rinse the pan with hot water after washing and dry it immediately so as to maintain its original sheen. Chloride and other substances in water may stain the pan.
Do not leave an empty pan over a source of heat.
Leave pans only on surfaces that are heat resistant.

Additional information

Weight 5.951 kg
Dimensions 50.6 × 28.7 × 21 cm

Tramontina Una 7 Pieces Stainless Steel Cookware Set with Tri-ply Bottom

444.00 AED inc. VAT