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Main Functions and Benefits Stainless steel blades.
Knife blade with longer-lasting cutting edge due to heat treatment.
Fork blade that have greater thickness and a steel stamping that ensures greater durability, preventing deformations.
Natural wood handles with aluminum rivets.
Wood cutting board ideal for cutting and serving.
Recommendations for Use Wash and dry items thoroughly before first use.
Sharp objects: handle with care and keep out of the reach of children.
For longer-lasting products, we recommend hand washing and drying well before storing.
Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.Cutting board care:
Before using for the first time, wash the cutting board and rinse well.
After each use, wash it as usual with a soft sponge and soap or detergent. Dry with a dish towel.
Store in a well-ventilated location, avoiding unventilated environments such as drawers and cupboards.
Do not wash in the dishwasher and do not use steel pads.
Do not leave the cutting board to soak.
Do not dry in the sun or leave standing in the sink.
Do not stack damp items.
Do not use in the oven or the refrigerator.
After washing for the first time, dry the cutting board and rub a little cooking oil on the surface, wiping off excess oil.
Reapply cooking oil periodically for better preservation of the wood.
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3-Piece Barbecue Carving Set with Stainless Steel Blades and Natural Wood Handles

66.40 AED inc. VAT