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TRAMONTINA Tableware Set 12 Pcs.Pizza Steak Cutlery BBQ Fork Knife Churrasco


Tramontina uses the most modern technology for the production of dishes, knives and kitchen appliances. Polywood handles last longer and stay beautiful for a long time. Cutlery from the Polywood series is a modern design and special treatment of wooden handles.
The 12-piece steak  pizza cutlery set made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 420 (DIN 1.4028). Forks and knives are stainless and dishwasher safe. The handle material is impact-resistant and temperature-resistant POLYWOOD. For this purpose, several layers of pine wood are impregnated with resin, pressed together, cut into shape and finally polished. The high-quality cutlery set shows no signs of wear even after frequent use and is suitable both for splitting juicy grilled food as well as for cutting crispy pizza.

These Churrasco cutlery set is packed in an attractive gift box.
The high-quality 12 Pcs. cutlery set:

6 x Steak  Pizza Forks Handle length 10cm, Fork length 10cm
6 x Steak  Pizza Knife Handle length 10cm, blade length 11.5cm
Brasilian Barbecue is one of the most respected variations of this meal and originates from the Pampa region, in Southern Brasil. Tramontina is very proud to come from this same place. This is why we have created a complete range in the best stainless steel, treated wood and state-of-the-art technology, so You can put up a good show and continue improving Your barbecue – making skills.

This product is made of FSC-certified wood. By choosing this product, you help care for the world\’s forests. Learn more at: FSC C125626

For increased product performance, it is recommended to dry carefully before storage, even if the blades have been washed in the dishwasher.
  • Material: Stainless steel AISI 420 DIN 1.4028 Polywood
  • Brand Name: Tramontina
  • Package content: 12 Pcs. Cutlery Set
  • Approximate dimensions of the packaging: 235x350x30 mm
  • Approximate weight: 0,600 kg 
  • 5-year warranty!
  • Additional information: Hygienic and easy to clean
  • EAN: 7891112200838; 7891112204645; 7891112200562


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Weight 0.5 kg

Tramontina Tableware Set 12 Pcs. Steak Cutlery BBQ Fork & Knife Churrasco

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