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\"\"The Century Knives are Made in Brazil in one of our 10 factories with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality products.

This amazing knives set brings together all the cutting tools needed for food  preparation, starting with a 3 inches indispensable paring knife , highlighting also a chef knife of 8 inches and kitchen knife  6 inches in size. Additionally an 32 cm carving fork that will make you feel like a professional in the kitchen. On a counter top it brings a touch of elegance that will impress your guests. 

The Century Knives were designed for intense use, providing amazing control while in use due to its ergonomic handle and balanced weight,  they do not slip from your hand  when cutting, being very safe and allowing consistent slicing of the food you are preparing. Sharpness, Precision, Smooth Cut and Durability, make this line unique. Nevertheless, the combined elegance and cutting edge of the knives blades enhance the visuals of your table and pride while serving your dishes when inviting guests”.

The Century Line are  full tang (one-piece)  forged knives made of high carbon stainless steel  DIN 1.410 , that  receive a thermal treatment which consists of hardening (heating the blade), sub-zero (cooling from 50 to -196 degrees), and tempering (increasing the steel elasticity) for a longer and more efficient life. The anatomical and ergonomic handle made of poly-carbonate reinforced with fiberglass offers safety during use and long life since they are finalized with aluminium rivets. The Century Line are certified by the NSF, National Sanitation Foundation and are rated 58 HRC , Hardness Rockwell .


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Century Elegant Knives Set 6 pcs of High Carbon Stainless Steel

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