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Main Functions and Benefits Practical and elegant!
The salt and pepper grinder has a clean and edgy design, adding beauty and practicality to your day-to-day!
Highly resistant and long-lasting gears.
With grinding adjustment, grind size adjustment to suit your taste.
Provides hygiene and elegance.
Material: acrylic + stainless steel
Ceramic grinders.
Acrylic compartment.
Stainless steel lid.
Coarse salt = 110g
Pepper = 45g
Recommendations for Use To adjust grind size:
Hold the salt and pepper container compartment with one hand, and with the other, twist the support to adjust the grind size, checking the guide along the gear base to select the desired grind size.
Filling it up:
Remove the salt and pepper container lid by pulling it out and add salt or papper to be ground.
Position the grinder upside down, select the grind size, and hold the salt and pepper container with one hand, using the other to twist the lid clockwise.
Be careful when handling the product as it can break when dropped or hit against hard surfaces.
When using the grinder with salt in humid environments, it may not work properly. We recommend changing or drying the salt in this case.
Do not wash the grinder. Wipe the external surface with a damp cloth.
To discard products and packaging, follow existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 0,26 kg


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Realce stainless steel and acrylic salt and pepper mill

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