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Main Functions and Benefits With timeless lines and a clean design, the thermal airpot in the Exata Line go well with any style and space.
Ideal to keep hot or cold liquids at the right temperature for much longer.
Simple and modern, it takes up less room in your house and during transportation.
Practical and safe for the entire family.
Lightweight and easy to use.
Hygienic, easy to clean.
Components BPA free.
Built-in drip stopper system.
Ergonomic spout, ease of handling and accuracy when serving.
Lid/cup, convenience to serve different types of drinks.
The stopper makes it possible to serve in 360°, in a conventional way (unscrewed) or through the spout.
Material: polypropylene and glass ampoule.
Recommendations for Use Discard all packaging materials and wash the product;
Make sure that the product is properly closed;
Do not place the product in an electric oven, microwave, freezer, refrigerator and dishwasher;
The volumetric capacity may vary by up to 10% of its indicated nominal volume.
We recommend preheating / pre-cooling the product before use, to keep the drink warm / cold for longer;
To avoid leaks, do not fill to the top of the product.
When using the flask with boiling water, be careful while lifting the spout as pressure relief may occur which can result in a sudden water jet.
Do not shake the product;
Don’t look directly inside;
Do not drink directly from the product;
Do not put dry ice, soda, carbonated drinks or liquids that can generate high pressure;
Do not let the product hit or fall; do not add hot drink and then cold drink or vice versa, as this can damage the ampoule;
As it is a table product, it is recommended that this product should always be transported in an upright position;
Keep out of the reach of children;
After use or cleaning, we advise you to leave the product open;
Do not remove the glass ampoule from the product, only if it breaks or suffers damage and needs to be replaced;
All glass handling must be done with total attention, and this glass ampoule product does not escape this rule;
Frequently check the tightness of the threadable parts (stopper and bottom / base).
Wash only with neutral detergent and soft sponge;
Do not use a brush with tips that could break the glass ampoule;
If there are unpleasant odors, you can use a solution measuring 2 tablespoons (soup) of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in hot water (up to its maximum capacity) and let it act for 12 hours; afterwards, do the daily cleaning.
Weight 0,55 kg
Capacity 1.00 L

Tramontina Exata Red Plastic Thermal Beverage Dispenser with 1 Liter Glass Liner and Plastic Lid

45.00 AED inc. VAT