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Product Details:
Stylish blue polypropylene lounger inspired by the beautiful beaches of Cancún
Adjustable backrest with up to four positions for personalized comfort
Equipped with wheels for easy mobility and convenience
Supports a maximum load capacity of 140 kg for durability and stability
Stackable limit up to 10 pieces
Enhance your outdoor space with this modern and comfortable lounger

Care Instructions:
Always transport with care.
Do not stand up on the seat.
Abide by the maximum weight limit.
Clean with neutral soap and a soft sponge, avoiding abrasive products in the cleaning process.
To avoid stains, dry with a soft, dry cloth after washing.
Extend the product service life by keeping it stored when not in use.
Long exposures to the sunlight can cause stains or discoloration of the product.
Remove the product from the environment whenever cleaning the floor; some cleaning materials can cause damage when in contact with the piece.

Additional information

Weight 12.00 kg
Dimensions 194 × 69.5 × 83 cm


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Tramontina Cancún Blue Polypropylene Sunlounger

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