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Main Functions and Benefits Maximum recommended weight: 182 kg
Made of Polypropylene and Fiber Glass
Stackable up to: 9 pieces
Recommendations for Use Do not climb on the seat.
Do not exceed the maximum weight limit.
Always carry this product with care.
Remove the product from the area when cleaning the floor; some cleaning products may damage the item.
Extend the product’s life by keeping it stored when not in use.
Prolonged sun exposure can cause staining or fading of the colors.
Wash by hand with mild soap and water.
Do not use chemicals or abrasive products.
Do not use a pressure washer.
To prevent stains, dry thoroughly after washing with a soft, dry cloth.
Certification Product certified under Inmetro Decree n° 342/2014.

Tramontina Sofia White Polypropylene and Fiberglass Chair With Closed Backrest

178.50 AED inc. VAT