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\"\"Roasting meet over a fire is a long-standing tradition that began in Southern Brazil and today is very popular all over the world, with our famous Churrascarias (Brazilian BBQ Restaurants) . As years went by  Tramontina created the Churrasco Line , a complete line of knives, carving forks and cutting boards.   Items perfectly fit for your barbecue  during  a joyful   family or  guests gathering , that surely will be impressed  with the knives that effortlessly slice through savory steaks and other cooked meats. Those knives and forks have  Polywood handles that receive thermal treatment  resistant to high temperatures, therefore maintaining their original features for longer.

The Churrasco Line   is made of stainless steel , high carbon blades and is manufactured with   Polywood handles , dishwasher safe to allow easy clean-up after you’ve finished your meal. The blades receive thermal treatment that make the product more resistant.


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Churrasco Line 4 pcs Set 2 Jumbo Knives and 2 Forks

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